One of the problems is that the lights are left on in empty classrooms that nobody is in. One of things we can to to reduce this problem is have teachers turn off the lights when they leave their classrooms. What we could do to have a back up is only use the lights and electronics when needed. We counted 120 light in the cafeteria so maybe we could use fluorescent lights in the kitchen instead. Another thing we could do is keep the laptops in sleep mode that way we wouldn't have to charge them as often. Another thing they could do is put the french fries on the same jgyfju cart as the heated sandwiches to reduce some of the electricity being used. Maybe the school could try a solar powered generator to power the school. In the summertime we could open more windows instead of using the air conditioner and in the winter we can leave the windows closed and only use the heater only when needed. Try to use the heater and air conditioner as little as possible.