Final Draft





  • remove the laptops
    • because they are not being used as much they are seen as a waste
  • solar panels
  • wind power
  • geothermal
  • use half of the lights system in the rooms
    • survey teachers in different rooms about lights and heat
  • on demand water heating
  • food costs
  • buses
    • students that live close to the school could walk
    • students could ride bikes if they don't live far
  • check faucets for leaking
  • use vegetable oil
  • check other school energy saving techniques
  • better insulation
  • more recycling
  • don't waste paper
  • reduce machinery use
  • use non-energy wasting cleaning products (broom, rake, old push mowers, etc.)
  • have a vegetable garden
  • go to school for 4 days and add like an hour an a half
  • go year-round with lots of breaks
  • Trane: ventilation systems
  • Proper caulking
  • Different types of lighting
  • Keeping printers on power strips
  • Outside classing on warm days
  • Stop buying book (not used as much)
  • Automatic toilets and urinals/ automatic faucets
  • Not printing out our names when it comes to printing
  • LED lights
  • Bring our own silverware
  • Not buying milk if we don't want it
  • Biodegradable cleaning products
  • Turning off the air conditioning in the office
  • Skyping (web cam) teaching at home

Get rid of the PSSA's or take them online
  • Usage of the regular boards instead of the tec boards
  • Transportation routing needs to change
  • Getting rid of the cameras
  • Solar lighting outside
  • Take the phones away in classrooms
  • Using a google app for announcements
what we need to know
  • cost of laptops vs. not having laptops
  • energy use by laptops
  • how much do solar panels cost
  • how much energy will be saved using solar panels
  • cost of geothermal
  • cost of wind power
  • wind power technology
  • wind mills in Buffalo
  • what fuel are we burning
  • how much per month for electric
  • how many lights are on and how many are off
  • what are other districts doing
  • would geothermal work for the size of our school
  • are there wind powered schools
  • do we have the space for solar panels
  • how many lights would we need