Spreadsheet of teacher energy survey results:

What questions should we ask teachers about heating and lighting or uses of energy or resources? Add more sections for information as well as new questions in the sections.


  • Do you keep all your lights on during class?
  • Do you turn your lights off when leaving the room?
  • How many lights do you leave on?
  • Do you leave you lights on when its bright outside?
  • When using your lights do you have both sets on?
  • Do you ever use just sunlight for light with out using your lights?


  • Is your heat turned all the way up?
  • How often does your heater run during the day?
  • Do you leave your windows open when the heat is on?
  • Do you do anything to your heating system after school hours, turn it off or down?

Use of paper

  • Do you print on both sides?
  • Do you recycle paper? if so how often?
  • How much paper do you use a day?
  • How often do you print?
  • Do you use your smart board everyday? Yes or no
  • Do you recycle your cover sheets? Yes or no

Use of water

  • Does your faucet drip?
  • Do you think that we need so many fountains in our school?

Other energy questions

  • Do you leave your smart board on after using it?
  • Do you leave your printer on all the time?
  • How often do you use your LCD projector?
  • How many different appliances do you have plugged in to the outlets in your room?
  • How often are the pop machines used during the day for us to have so many?
  • How often is your machinery used?
  • Do you leave your laptop cart plugged in even when it is not in use?
  • Do you think that having these laptops is using more energy?
  • Do you think we should use different energy types to heat the school?
  • Why do think that type of energy would work?
  • Do we use air condition in the auditorium when not necessary?
  • How many students need to recharge their computers daily in your room?
  • Are your blinds up all day or down all day?
  • How often is your television on?
  • How many appliances are plugged in?
  • How long do you leave your computer plugged in?
  • Do you think its necessary to use as much paper as we do?
  • Do you have dripping sinks in your room?
  • Do you have your personal belongings plugged in?
  • Do you have fans running?
  • Do you turn your lights off when your not in the classroom?
  • If your a coach how long do you stay after school with the lights in use?
  • Do the students use alot of water after gym/practice to shower everyday?